June 28, 2022

How to Buy a Condo in Florida

Learn how to buy a condo in Florida with MyReProperty. Find crucial tips for buying a condominium in Florida and learn how to invest your money wisely to best offers of real estate property.

Let’s start with the fact that Florida is referred to as the state where sun is shining the whole year round. Florida consists of dry and warm weather offering a welcome break from winters. Isn’t that what you are looking for? If so, this article is definitely worth reading. As we are here for how to buy a condo in Florida we would like to let you know that the investments are also close to the Disney world, best for the families looking for a dream holiday. Florida is huge with a lot of different areas offering different lifestyles, and almost every area is more affordable than similar areas elsewhere. The pros of living in Florida are enormous. Thus, if you’re considering purchasing property in Florida, don’t forget to check out the important points given below:

  • You’re entering a hot market: It is not just about the warm weather in Florida. It is one of the most profitable markets to date. Many factors are suggesting affecting the purchasing power as a rewarding experience. For example, there are huge returns for the investment as per properties. The investors who’ve invested a few years ago are with much higher returns.
  • Location is as important as property: Most of the investors are focused on the property. Though it is an important thing to consider in Florida, keeping location in mind is very important. Many neighbourhoods are having multiple advantages as per the conditions. In addition, it goes without saying that Florida is also a beautiful state geographically, with countless beaches, lakes, springs, parks, and more to visit. And seeing palm trees everywhere you go never gets old.
  • Consulting an expert: As there are multiple factors to consider in Florida, it is a wise idea to discuss with an experienced professional. It is very easy to analyse all the things from the surface but deep analysis is very important for a successful and profitable journey.

What is a condominium?

A condominium is a type of home that’s part of a larger residential unit and will often share walls with one or more neighbors. A condominium is simply a place where all the living luxuries are available. Basically it is the advanced form of a living place and nowadays most of the condos are available at the ocean front areas. In this concern you may better consult an expert professional. Besides that, on the web there are uncountable references of condo luxuries. 

You may see condos listed among traditional homes when you're searching for a house to buy. Condo listings will make it clear the home is a condo, their photos should show the unit is attached to at least one other unit, and they may or may not detail the amenities you receive as an owner.

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Why buying a condo in Florida is a good investment

Buying an investment property in Florida can have good returns if you buy it correctly. For instance, buying a condo with high monthly maintenance fees will eat up your profits. Certain areas of Florida such as Miami have higher property taxes, high condo dues and condo buildings must meet stringent building codes. Although the rental rates may be higher, your operating costs are also higher. It really depends on what type of investment you’re looking to make (flipping, renting, vacation use, etc.) and what part of Florida you’re thinking of investing in.

What we mean is that the safest bet would be purchasing a condo in Florida where rental rates can justify the price in areas where there is a lot of population and job growth. Some of the top areas include Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, West Palm-Delray-Boca Raton and Sarasota-Bradenton area. All of these areas have been experiencing growth and demand for good housing should continue.

Benefits when buying a condo in Florida

There are plusses and minuses in all things. You have discovered a plus of buying a condo and that is cost. Exterior maintenance and common area maintenance is done by others and that frees you up to work late or get a second job, earn more and move up to a home. That’s a plus. 

Investing in a condo can be a smart decision, especially in an expensive real estate market. Condos often cost less than single-family homes and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. For those interested in communal living, condos offer attractive amenities. Many condo communities include grilling areas, gyms, pools, and other common areas. A gym or pool is a plus if you will use them. These attractive amenities can make it easier to find renters for a condo or guests for an Airbnb. And of course, a condo can provide cash flow, whether you rent it out or use it for Airbnb. While receiving this cash flow, the condo also appreciates in value over time, increasing your equity. This real estate project is inclusive since it does not cater primarily to the wealthy few, but rather makes real estate accessible to everyone on the planet.

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Buying a condo pitfalls

When doing the inspection make sure to ask for the financial reports of the condominium association. While the unit itself might be spotless and freshly remodeled, the association might not be financially fit and you might be hit with special assessments. It means extra money  on top of your HOA fees.

Your HOA fees often include water/sewer/garbage/(gas)/insurance/maintenance, but the fees are measured by the size of your unit (percentage share in the condominium). So if you own a bigger unit, you are paying more money. This makes sense for insurance/maintenance and such, but makes no sense for water/sewer/garbage. Small unit can be occupied byt three people taking 2 showers a day. While your bigger unit may be occupied just by you and you are taking showers at the gym anyway - you still pay higher dues.

Don’t get swoon by the boutique condominiums with small amount of units. The less people in the condominium the more financial baggage they have to share. Two stories building have a same size roof, garage door or elevator as eight stories building, but way less occupants to share the costs of repairs. The smaller condos are also often seen as a lower priority for the management companies.

If you’re an investor who wants to get into the rental property market with a condo unit, you need to perform your due diligence, use the right investment tools, and connect with the right people.