July 05, 2022

What is a patio home?

What is a patio home? Who are patio homes best for? What are pros and cons of a patio home - these and many other questions' answer in new blog post from MyReProperty.com

Nowadays the market represents a variety of home types to flatter all tastes. Of course, they all differ in cost which depends on many factors. And if it is quite clear with a condo or townhome let’s figure out: what is a patio home?

Patio home is usually a one storied building attached to another one by walls in a community living neighborhood. Patio homes are usually part of a homeowners’ association (HOA) which means that the payment may include fees for amenities such as maintenance or landscaping. Like a townhouse, a patio home includes the land underneath the property but not what’s above the ground.

Pros and cons of a patio home

If you’re thinking about buying a patio home our team recommends taking into consideration all the pros and cons. 



Pleasant lower price

Extra expenses

Additional amenities

Wall to wall neighboring

Cozy and safe

Smaller area

As a patio home is represented in a smaller space it is obvious that the price will be lower compared to other types of properties. Some patio homes are in communities with clubhouses and neighborhood facilities, so you can also take advantage of those features. But be ready to pay extra in accordance with what they offer. If you have issues with stairs this kind of home is definitely for you (usually 1 storied). 

patio home in Florida

Buying a Patio Home

Everyone knows what the American dream means. And it is not about money and career it is also about home, sweet home! Everyone should dream of buying a house and everyone buys it sooner or later. You may always start with a condo or a patio home to fit your budget but there are some things you need to know. First, a patio home has nothing in common with a patio. Second, a patio home is usually one storied building attached to another one with walls and under the same roof. 

Who are patio homes best for?

Being a one level home with minimum stairs patio house is the best variant for those who have issues with mobility or families with small children. Patio homes can be a way out for buyers looking for an affordable, low-maintenance property. Due to their smaller size, patio homes are now gaining popularity among those who are living alone. It is also one of the variants for retirees for their retirement. A patio home may include community guidelines, such as residents must be age 62+, that is considered as a pro.

6 reasons why it's better to live in a small patio home

  • Less furniture

A small room includes less furniture, which means a reduction in costs. Moreover, less space forces you to be more picky. If there is only one armchair in your living room, you will choose it with more care. What is more, it is easier to achieve a feeling of home warmth, individuality and coziness.

  • Less cleaning

One of the most important advantages of a patio home is a smaller area that needs to be washed and cleaned. Homes with thoughtful storage and zoning systems require a minimum of time to maintain cleanliness. If you use the services of cleaning companies, then you will be able to save money here — the cost of cleaning also depends on the size of the area.

  • It is easier to change the interior 

Designer pillows, a couple of paintings or vases and a new carpet are just enough to change the vibe in the room. Plus, compliance with the general style conditions when planning the interior of a small room is easier to achieve than in the case of a large territory. Remember, all you need is comfort.

  • Fewer unnecessary things

In most cases, limitation teaches us to be more selective. In a smaller space, you will definitely be surrounded by only the necessary things. There will simply be no place for anything superfluous that does not have aesthetic or practical benefits. Buying a patio home will make you get rid of things you no longer use or don’t need.

  • Less expenses

The payment for heating, water and electricity in a patio home is much less than in large house or apartment. Another advantage for those who care about environmental protection is that you spend less electricity, thereby helping nature, which suffers greatly from the operation of power plants.

  • Company

You will always have someone next door. Someone to help and understand. Living in a patio home is a perfect way to find new friends.

How to estimate the cost of a patio home?

Everyone wants to purchase an object at a really good price. Therefore, you should estimate the cost of property in advance. To do this, you can use the help of independent appraisers or independently determine the price of the apartment. Different factors are taken into account:

  • the area of the object, size; 
  • available repairs; 
  • availability of furniture, bathroom equipment and household appliances; 
  • location; 
  • the cost of objects located near the selected property.

It is optimal to use the help of experienced realtors, who will be able to tell whether the available cost is too high.

How much is a patio home?

Buying real estate has always been a profitable way to invest money, because such property can be used for a long time, rented or sold profitably. Therefore, real estate brings both moral satisfaction and material benefits. It is not a secret that the price of a patio home depends on size and location. 

A separate property that is not part of the community may be slightly more expensive than the price for buying a patio house. But it is worth remembering that you will have to pay HOA fees. Being small or large, communities may have pools, tennis courts, clubhouses and other amenities that require substantial fees. 

The purchase of housing is a serious step for every person, so it is important to figure out where to start buying your property, what to pay attention to, as well as what pitfalls you may encounter. The real estate industry is multifaceted and in addition to giving us the opportunity to realize our American dream and purchase our own home, it also provides us with a huge variety of investment options and passive income.