October 10, 2022

Truth About Houses with Bad Reputation - We Scare because We Care

The rich and famous do not save on real estate by purchasing mansions and palaces. But sometimes these luxurious unique houses are empty for a long time without new owners because of their bad reputation. Some of these house are well-known attractions, some are those that very few people know about. But that doesn't make them any less interesting. We have gathered for your attention 6 haunted houses for sale in 2022 with its own amazing and unusual history.

Many people dream of owning their own house, but when the preparation begins, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. What should a modern house be like? Spacious, functional, original — the list can be endless. You are the only to decide. The main thing is that it is advisable to calculate the budget and decide on how comfortable and safe it will be in the new home for each of the family members.

Stone Mansion, New Jersey

PRICE: Sold for $27,500,000 on 01/18/2022

The appearance of the palace on the real estate market in 2010 became a sensation. A house with an area of more than 2.7 thousand square meters was put up for sale for $68 million. The mansion, located in the former estate Freak, is surrounded by gardens, there is a saltwater swimming pool, tennis court, jacuzzi, parking place for 11 cars and an underground basketball court. Richard Kurtz, the owner of the castle, noted that there is no second such mansion: it is located near Manhattan, the interior is decorated with gold, and the rooms are equipped with modern appliances. For nine years Kurtz met with many potential buyers, but no deal took place: some refused to buy, others did not like the owner. It is important to Richard that the new residents love the mansion in which he has invested his strength and soul. As a result, the price of the house was reduced by more than $35 million and found a new owner.

The Haunted House in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

PRICE: $650,500

The colonial-style mansion was built in 1749 and renovated in 1994. Now it is a modern house with an area of 2.3 thousand square meters, equipped with all necessary amenities. Seven bedrooms, seven fireplaces, a garage and a separate guest house — no one needs this mansion because of... ghosts. Its first owner, Henry William Spiegel, died in 1785, and since then people have claimed that his ghost lives in the house. He appears at night without a head, wanders through the corridors and slams doors. Sometimes the company of the spirit is an invisible crying woman in the bedroom on the top floor. For a couple of years, the cost of the house was reduced from $ 825 thousand to $650 thousand, but there are still no people willing to settle in it.

The Palace of Love in Beverly Hills, California

PRICE: Sold for $129,000,000 on 01/18/2022

The Mediterranean-style estate with an area of 43 thousand square meters is located on a private territory with its own forest park. The house was sold in 2007 for $35 million. The owners spent another $25 million on the reconstruction of the mansion, and in 2014 they began to look for buyers. The palace was put on the real estate market for $195 million, but five years later there was no one willing to live in it, and the price had to be reduced. Ads for sale were repeatedly removed and returned. The estate pric is now worth $129 million. It has 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a wine cellar and an entertainment complex with a swimming pool and waterfall.

French Provincial Castle in the Bronx, New York

PRICE: $2,995,000

There are many expensive houses in the suburbs of New York, but real fortresses are rarely found among them. A French provincial estate for sale with a terraced garden, fancy turrets and oak floors, built in 1926, has been on sale since 2009. The building was designed by the famous architect Frank Forster in 1926, and over time it only becomes more attractive. The house has been renovated, all five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a garage have been restored. A large library and a kitchen await the future owner; terraces surrounded by perennial gardens lead to the street. The castle is located in one of the highest points of New York, not far from Manhattan. But for ten years, no one wanted to become the owner of luxury real estate for no apparent reason. Now the price of the mansion is less than $3 million.

Wooden castle on the lake shore, Michigan

PRICE: property for sale

The largest private wooden structure in the USA is located near Lake Superior. The mansion is surrounded by 2 km of forest. Inside the house there are 23 bedrooms, as well as four additional guest apartments in the annex. There is a marina on the territory. The house belonged to one of the co-founders of General Motors and is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It was put up for sale for $40 million, but no one was interested in the estate even after the price was halved. Despite the rich surroundings, the old log mansion is not bought because of the remoteness from the central infrastructure.

Dr. Priestley House, Canton, Mississippi

PRICE: property for sale

The Georgian-style mansion, built for the city's first doctor in 1852, includes a living room, a music room, a library, a swimming pool, a study, a terrace and a large greenhouse for plants. It is located near the center of Canton and was put up for sale for $ 1million, but the price had to be lowered due to lack of demand. The house is fully furnished, it has all the necessary amenities, but ghost stories scare away potential tenants. The former owners and descendants of Dr. James Priestley claimed that they heard screams and saw things flying through the air, and a translucent figure of a woman appeared on the porch, similar to Dr. Priestley's wife who died in the house. Now the haunted houses for sale costs $899 thousand, and the price continues to decline.