October 07, 2022

Swimming Pool in the House: Pros and Cons

There are hardly any people who would refuse such a luxury as a house with indoor swimming pool. And if there are, then they will surely be in the minority. You can splash in cool water, constantly keep yourself in good physical shape, just relax after a busy working day. However, not everything is as simple as many would think. There are a significant number of nuances that should be taken into account. If you want to avoid problems with the indoor pool, then make a project of the future construction before starting work. Don’t be shy to contact specialists and order a project from professionals. Since in addition to the basics of construction and other important characteristics, there are still a huge number of nuances that you simply cannot foresee. You can't make a mistake even in small things – otherwise the place for relaxation in a house with indoor pool for sale will turn into a complete disaster.

Swimming Pool in the House - Where it started

So, you have bought your own property, a house of your dream, planted the first fruit trees and flowers, and laid out a small vegetable garden. And in the summer, trying to hide on the veranda or in the patio from the heat, you have a thought about own pool. How nice it is to plunge into the cool water in the summer heat! And how great it is to create a piece of a real resort on your own area — with sun loungers and a personal coastal zone.

You start surfing the net choosing pool options, reading about different constructions or installation technologies. And then you read reviews — and you come across unflattering comments and sad stories of those who decided to equip a private pool and got a negative experience. What to do? Refuse? Or not to pay attention to other people's stories?

We are here to help you decide whether it is worth making a decision in favor of the pool, show its pros and cons and help you choose the best option.

Questions to be answered by the owner of an in-house pool

Before considering the very possibility of arranging a swimming pool, ask yourself a few questions:

When do you want to use the pool — all year round or only in summer?
Where exactly do you plan to equip the bowl — in the country (that is, in a place that you will visit from time to time) or in the house where you live permanently?
What budget?
How exactly will you fill the pool and drain the water?
Why do you need a swimming pool — to swim in the heat, create a new place for children to play, take a dip after a sauna or go swimming?

Advantages of the pool inside the house

Without any doubt the pool inside the house is a recreation and sports area, when at any time and in any weather you improve your health, swim and relax. The advantages of such a pool: 

  • There is no need to additionally heat the outdoor pool
  • Use all internal communications of the house: water supply, sewerage, ventilation, electrical supply
  • No need to clean such a pool, since the external outdoor environment is behind the walls
  • Maintain the desired temperature regime thanks to the hot water supply
  • Choose any design for the overall style of the house. 
  • Save land space near the house. 
  • A unique opportunity to swim constantly without visiting crowded public pools. 
  • When selling such a house, the price will increase significantly.

Of the disadvantages, we can distinguish:

  • The price of high–quality finishing materials is high
  • There is no direct sunlight
  • Fresh air is supplied through air conditioning. 
  • A swimming pool in a house requires not only a special foundation — it must be designed together with the house. In the project of a house with a swimming pool, it is necessary to calculate the load on the foundation, the consumption of electricity, water, design a heating and ventilation system. 

If you are hesitating but still interested we propose you to have a look at the most unbelievable  representatives of houses with indoor polls for sale:

Mega villa for $250 million in Los Angeles

What does your dream house look like? After looking at the photos of this villa, we guarantee that it will look exactly like this. The presented residence is the pinnacle of splendor and ultra exclusivity. Each room and each element were planned according to an individual plan. The stunning Villa 924 Bel Air Rd combines many amenities and custom-made items from around the world. It was created for billionaires who have an extraordinary idea of modern luxury. Of course, not all of us can afford a $250 million house, but you can borrow some design elements for your own home.

Luxury villa with amazing pool

With an unlimited budget, you can create an amazingly luxurious home. For example, here is a residence designed for millionaires. Laurel Way Villa is designed by Whipple Russell Architects Studio and is located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. It boasts 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and spectacular views of the surrounding area. Located on a dominant hill, the villa stands out for its functional and thoughtful design.

House on a hill

Costa Rica is a hilly country in Central America, covered with tropical forests and washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. About a quarter of the country's area is occupied by protected jungles, surrounded by which, on the Papagayo Peninsula, is this beautiful house with the name Indios Desnudos (in honor of the breed of the most common tree on the site). It was built to enjoy the outdoors, the sea breeze, the sun, the sea view and the rainforest filled with wild flora and fauna. It amazes with the variety of spaces, the quality of light, the scale and the amazing views.

You can't do without professionals

Having a pool in the house is quite an expensive pleasure, but those who can afford it will get a lot of relaxing moments that cannot be compared with anything. But in order not to be disappointed, in order to implement your plans, you must definitely use the services of professionals. They will tell you how to choose the right place for a swimming pool, select the necessary materials for its construction and the appropriate equipment for long-term result.

The pool needs sufficient ventilation to remove excess moisture and vapors, the air conditioning system must also be at the appropriate level. The pool must be equipped with appropriate devices, at least a humidity sensor and thermometers, to measure the temperature of air and water.