October 06, 2022

Most expensive house in Florida

Today we are going to be looking into a place with the most expensive and luxurious houses in the state of Florida. It won’t be a difficult task because most of the houses here are not cheap to start with. Most people who are looking for property in the Sunshine State are prepared for the prices higher than elsewhere in the country. But what are the most expensive houses? What is the highest rank of luxury that Florida has to offer? Are any of these houses available currently for sale? In this article we will answer these and other questions about the hot property market of luxury estate in the state of Florida.

The most expensive house ever bought in Florida

It would not be surprising to know that the new owner of the most expensive, a 62,200-square-foot megamansion in the state of Florida, sold just this summer, is not a celebrity or a movie star. As it has already become a strong trend, the most expensive houses are sold, bought and owned by the tech titans. 

So, in 2022 as of no exception a $173 million mansion was sold by a tech titan Jim Clark to another tech titan Larry Ellison. Before that the property had belonged to a famous novelist Sidney Sheldon for a very long time. 
In the year 2021 the most expensive house bought in Florida was a wonderful 300 feet estate on County Road, Palm Beach. It was sold for $122,7 Million.

The year 2020 appears to be just as successful on high property prices. A stunning Pietra Mare, the Italian-style mansion, facing the ocean in the coziest location of Palm Beach, was sold for $95 million.
As you can see there is a strong tendency of raising the prices for the most expensive houses in the last few years. And the prices seem to be growing faster each year. So, if you are still thinking of buying a luxury house as an investment, think fast. Such investments pay off real quick.

Who buys the most expensive houses in Florida?

As you can see, the high tech sphere has financially surpassed any other kind of celebrity segment to a large extent. The good thing is that Florida seems to be a perfect state for developing high tech business. Over a dozen of the most successful high tech companies have their headquarters in The Sunshine State. Among those are: Sykes Enterprises, Tech Data, L3Harris, Citrix and many others. So, if you are still in doubt whether to open a branch of your high tech company in Florida and own the most expensive houses, just have a look at the ones available in the Florida property market at the moment. 

What are the most expensive houses for sale now?

You may have different reasons and perspectives when you are buying a mansion in Florida. Some are foreseeing a quiet private life away from the hustle of the big city, the others want to spend their days very close to the ocean and in the center of the vivid nightlife at the same time. You may want to live your life privately but really close to the ocean. Some people want their new luxurious house to have the charm of the beginning of the XX century but still obtain all the new technologies of a smart home to make life nice and comfortable. Believe it or not, you can find any kind of a luxury house for sale in Florida. It is generally believed that the most expensive and gorgeous property for sale is available somewhat around Miami. In reality there are so many locations in the Sunshine State that can offer prosperous and comfortable life away from the Megapolis. There are houses of a very rare stature available in Belleair, Orlando and many other absolutely stunning locations. 

Why do people buy expensive houses?

Living in a house that not everybody can afford is not only a matter of status, extra comfort, privacy and safety. Aside from the obvious reasons why people buy expensive houses, and especially expensive houses in Florida there are some not so obvious.

For instance: why would someone buy a mega mansion facing the ocean and not live in it? 

So, let’s look into some not so very obvious reasons why people buy expensive houses:

  • Location. You cannot but agree that the locations for the large, expensive houses are always chosen with great care. Such houses normally represent a percent ratio of a quiet privacy and a close distance to the nearest megapolis. If your luxury single house is in the city, the location will still be next to perfection. You’ll fail if you try to find a posh house in a poor and unattractive place. It’ll lose its real price very soon and will not be posh any more. 
  • Privacy is actually one of the reasons people are ready to pay for a house even more than it actually costs. If you work hard to earn the life of your dream, you’d want it to be safe from unwanted publicity.
  • Investments. And here we come to the point of why people buy expensive houses and never live in them. Renting an exclusively designed house is a very strong tendency these days. So, such investment will pay off within no time. Well, even if you live in your mension, you are still investing because the prices of such houses are constantly going higher and higher.
  • Pride. If you buy an expensive house you’d want to flaunt it to your friends and family. Or sometimes you buy an expensive house TO flaunt it to your friends and family. Be that one of those attempts to prove your parents that you can or just the way to pamper yourself with all the attention and admiration of your close ones, this stays one of the not very obvious reasons why people buy expensive houses.

A luxury house or a luxurious apartment?

There is another strong tendency that real estate professionals have noticed recently: while luxury homes in Florida have observed a slowly growing demand, premium apartments are practically sold out. We are currently investigating the reasons for that and will share our ideas on the point as soon as we have enough information. The only thing we can say for sure now: so far that is the tendency that cannot stay unnoticed. What has been done already to meet this new growing interest is the developers are constructing new large, exclusive, designer multi-storied condominiums. So, if you are choosing between the two options, you can be sure to find a luxury home of your dream among both single houses and condos.