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Coconut Grove apartments

Ever thought of moving to Miami but wouldn’t want to be swallowed by the megapolis? Then you ought to consider the small but cozy residential area of Coconut Grove. With its comfortable population of just over 21 thousand people, this seems to be the most attractive place for buying or renting a house or a condo you can think of.

5 Reasons Why You Want a Condo in Coconut Grove

The list could be easily added up to 50 Reasons why you will love your condo in Coconut Grove. We will only enlist 5 and let you choose a condo of your dream among those we have to offer.

  • Reason one is the most obvious one. It’s Miami! A coastal metropolis with all its magnificent beaches and picturesque views makes you feel like you are on a full-time vacation. The nightlife here seems to be as long and busy as those wonderful beaches. All that with fantastic warm weather multiplied into luxurious shopping makes Miami an official piece of heaven on Planet Earth.
  • Reason Two. Safety. Florida in general and Miami particularly are considered to be the safest places in the whole USA. The percentage of crimes compared to any state is always lower here. And if you are ready to undertake research you will see that Coconut Grove has been proven to be one of the safest areas to live in Miami. 
  • Reason Three. Affordability. Compared to any coastal megapolis Miami has the most attractive prices not only in the estate market but also for everyday living expenses. We should thank the state tax policy for that.
  • Reason Four. Space. You don’t expect this from a megapolis especially if you had some experience of living in NY, but both houses and condos are very spacious here. The reason for that is basically a later constraucting. You can hardly find a house built in or around the time most of NY was built.
  • Reason Five. Environment. Not for the first time Miami has been proven to be the best place for walking and cycling. Added to that is the coastal residence that the Coconut Grove has to offer. You are pretty much buying yourself another dozen healthy years in a very welcoming place in Miami.

Buying an Apartment in Coconut Grove

So, while you are deciding between a house or a condo, let us present you with some options on renting or buying real estate in Coconut Grove, Florida. 

Buying real estate in Miami has for many years been a safe and sound idea. The real estate market in Florida in general as well as in and just around Miami has been showing stable growth with no less than 4% for at least 5 most recent years. Among many reasons for the region to be extremely attractive for both buyers and sellers there are: 

  • Strong housing market. As we have already mentioned, the market has been growing constantly despite the pandemic or any other type of crisis be that political or economic.
  • Vacation property investment. Even if, for some reason, you would decide to leave Florida for, let’s say, a busy NY or an amusing LA, you can always put your property out for rent. There will not be two days in a row that your condo stays empty. 
  • Low property tax. Being one of the most attractive states for residents, Florida offers one of the US lowest tax rates which includes property tax as well. Less than 1% of tax provides you with so much more options to choose from.
  • Flexibility in customizing your property. Once bought, the property is fully yours and you can change the outside of it just as much as you can change the inside. This is not a possible option in many states.

Renting a Coconut Grove condo, if you are not ready to become a permanent resident of Miami, has in its turn its own beautiful features.

  • Fewer living expenses. That might sound strange or illogical but if you are renting a condo in Coconut Grove you will have to pay almost three times less for utensils than the owners of an average property does. The same can be said about the rental insurance VS homeowning insurance ratio. Plus, if you are renting a condo you don’t have to pay maintenance. 
  • Some extra hidden pleasures. It’s not a secret that you will have to pay quite more money if you want to buy a condo with a view or build a swimming pool on your property. Well, if you are renting a condo, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy those magnificent sunsets or that famous Miami skyline from the rooftop of your apartment building. Plus, you have free access to a swimming pool. Oh, you will appreciate it during those hot and humid days in Miami.

We are absolutely sure that you will find your own reasons to love Florida once you settle down here. And we are more than happy to present you with the choice of options to buy a condo in Coconut Grove to stay and enjoy your life in one of the most wonderful places in the ISA.