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Condos Miami Beach for sale

It is hard to find a person who would never want to visit the beautiful beaches of Miami. And, once you visit them it is really hard to resist moving to this piece of heaven. Well, maybe you shouldn’t resist this splendid idea. There is a good chance you find a beautiful condo in Miami Beach and become one of those blessed residents of the city, 95% consisting of absolutely marvelous beaches. We at MyReProperty are happy to present you with the great choice of condos in Miami Beach available for sale right now.

Why is living in Miami Beach a great idea?

Besides some quite obvious reasons such as enjoying the luxury beaches of Miami and other privileges of living a vacation type of life, there are also some advantages of Miami Beach life that we can share with you here.

  • Location

Among the many beautiful cities of Miami-Dade, Miami Beach has an absolutely unique location. It is an island in the Atlantic Ocean that has a direct connection to downtown Miami. It is about 20-30 minutes away from Miami International Airport, depending on the time of day, and about 12 minutes from downtown Miami. From North Shore Open Space Park to South Pointe Park Miami Beach totally consists of white sandy beaches framed by luxury condos available both for rent and sale. The southern end, South Beach, is  where you’ve got a real chance to see a celebrity any day. And of course there are the Art Deco Historic district and Ocean Drive, the areas renowned for their architecture of the beginning of the 20th century. Magnificent!

  • Climate

Some people complain about the extremely humid climate of Miami but Miami Beach proves this concept wrong. There is a very nice ocean breeze here that brings a lot of nice and fresh air into the city. That makes the whole idea of high humidity sound unrealistic right to the point when you leave Miami Beach and enter downtown Miami. Another thing you should be aware of is the tornado season and hurricanes. This not very nice period of the year starts by the end of summer into the autumn. The rest of the tear the weather is perfectly fine, and hot.

  • Traffic

Because it is a tourist town you wouldn’t expect the traffic to be perfectly easy. But, it is bearable most of the time and quite easy when there are not many tourists here. Most locals prefer cycling around to avoid the traffic hassle and searching for a nice parking spot, especially along the boardwalk area in Mid Beach. If you are planning to drive, make sure your building administration knows about how many cars you have and how many parking spots you need, they may charge you for extra parking spots or not. It depends on the administration basically. Sometimes you’d be offered an extra place for a valet, make sure you bring up all these issues before you sing any rental or other property paperwork.

  • Safety

Miami Beach is one of the safest areas of Miami-Dade despite thousands of tourists and a non-stop nightlife. The South Beach area is the one that causes safety concerns exactly because of its vibrant night entertainment. 

  • Eduction 

Something that you don’t expect from a resort city - Miami Beach is a home for two above average elementary schools and a number of very high standard private schools.

Are there any cons of living in Miami Beach?

For those who already live in Miami Beach and for those who are just planning to become its residents the biggest concern is the cost of living. Miami Beach's housing expenses are 111% higher than the national average. This is the information that scares most of the potential new residents from moving to Miami Beach. The property market is high here, that is true. It is even hotter than in most parts of Miami-Dade. Well, the place deserved it. It is a cult and iconic location for thousands and thousands of beach lovers and fans of nightlife. Plus, the job opportunities and above average salaries make living in Miami Beach affordable. The other indices of the cost of living in Miami  such as transportation, the utility prices, gas etc. are 2% higher than the national average. That is not a dramatic gap of costs compared to the country’s average but you still have to keep that in mind while working out your decision to relocate to Miami Beach. Grocery prices in some of the supermarkets can be up to 21% higher than the national average. In general, if you are going to make around $3500 monthly, that will cover most of your expenses (rent is not included here, the rent is about that same money in Miami Beach).

Which part of Miami Beach is more comfortable for living?

If you don’t want to feel like you are a full time tourist in Miami Beach, choose more residential areas, such as Venetian Islands, Sunset Islands, Palm, Star and Hibiscus Island or La Gorce, away from conventional centers and the vibrant nightlife of Miami Beach. Remember that our property experts at MyReProperty are always there for you to help find your best new location in Miami Beach where you’ll find the life of your dream near the ocean.