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Fisher Island real estate

Fisher Island real estate is the place where the most expensive and luxurious houses in the world is located. Only the wealthiest and most successful live here. The beaches on Fisher Island are covered with sand imported from the dazzling white sandy beaches of Thailand and the Bahamas. It is also known as the island of dreams. There are probably no such number of millionaires in one locality as recorded on Fisher Island in Florida anywhere else in the world. But you can definitely find Fisher Island condos for sale or a mansion for every taste. 

Where Fisher Island started

The island is man-made, it was created in 1906 when performing a complex of reclamation works and deepening the bottom of Biscayne Bay during the laying of the first sea channel in Miami Government Cut. It has repeatedly passed from one owner to another. The first owner of the island, Herman Walker, in 1918, sells it to Dana Dorsey, the first black millionaire. Dorsey, resells it to Carl Fischer, a real estate magnate, but just a year later Fischer changes the island for a luxury 250-foot yacht owned by William Vanderbilt.

In 1936, Vanderbilt began construction of a luxurious Mediterranean-style residence with guest houses, fountains, swimming pools, tennis courts and gardens. The construction was completed in 1941, this architectural complex served as the winter residence of the family and a platform for brilliant social receptions.

In the 40s, the island changed owners several times, until Garfield Ved, an engineer and inventor, became the owner of the estate. He lived on the island for 25 years. In the seventies, the island is again experiencing a series of new owners of land and real estate. In 2007, the largest restoration of the historic Vanderbilt residence begins. New buildings of the beach club and hotel villas are being added to the existing buildings, a huge golf course is being built. The aircraft parking hangar building is being transformed into a SPA and fitness pavilion. Today, Fisher Island is an elite resort, you can only get to it by water - by ferry or your own yacht.

 Fisher Island Condos geographical position

The island belongs geographically to the state of Florida, USA, it has an area of only 0.78 square kilometers and is located about 4 km from the coast of Miami between Miami Beach and Virginia Key Island. Not everyone can get to the island, as the territory is carefully guarded. There is even a ban on shooting from drones. The island is patrolled around the clock by sea and sky. You can get here at any time of the day by private ferry, yacht, helicopter or seaplane. Not everyone is allowed on the island. Security monitors have been installed along the entire coastline, which guarantee isolation and privacy to local residents.

Fisher Island Residents

Fisher Island real estate is one of the most expensive to buy from condominiums to mansions. The minimum area of the Fisher Island apartments is three hundred square meters, where there is an increased level of security. About 5,000 people live on the island, of which only 50% are American citizens. The value of real estate on Fisher Island in 2021 rose to a minimum of $ 20 million. Each of the residents of Fisher Island belongs to the world's privileged elite. Currently, among the owners of the most expensive square meters in the world are: Ricky Martin (singer); Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player); Boris Becker (tennis player); Opra Winfrey (talk show host); Mel Gibson (actor and director); Julia Roberts (actress); Melvin James Kaminsky (actor and director); Andre Agassi (tennis player).

There are also no cars here, and the island is simply surrounded by greenery, as a result of which the locals get the cleanest air. Local employees have higher education and speak several foreign languages. Fisher Island is completely autonomous. The island has a developed infrastructure, there is everything you need for life.

To get a membership in the Fisher Island Club, you need to pay about the same amount per year as the local real estate costs. But for local residents, this is a mere trifle, because, according to the Tax Service, the rich of Fisher Island earn about $ 300 million a year.

Fisher Island real estate

The Fisher Island Club hotel complex is built for the guests of the resort. The hotel's guests live in cozy and refined interiors. In addition to the hotel on Fischer Island, there are cottages, guest houses, as well as modern villas with spacious gardens. Fitness centers, tennis courts with the best coverage are available to residents. In the very center of Millionaires Island there is a huge golf club.

Penthouse with a total area of 947 m2, for sale in the luxury residential complex Palazzo Della Luna under construction, luxury housing worth $ 40,000,000. This is the highest cost of housing on Fisher Island. It is difficult not to get lost in the penthouse, as it consists of 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, a garage for 2 cars. Agree, a great place to host the World Championship in the game of hide and seek. This luxury apartment consists of several residential levels, where there are view terraces of 680 square meters with several swimming pools. The apartment has a circular panoramic view of the bay with fashionable yachts on the roadstead and the azure waters of the ocean.