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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

Living in a Fort Lauderdale Beach Condo is pretty much like living on the beach with all the advantages of such life, knowing at the same time that this vacation is not going to be suddenly over. Technically, you can say the same about any city in Florida and it’s easy to be confirmed if you strat researching into property offers of Florida. Why is Fort Lauderdale so special then? Let’s get deeper into the subject and uncover some of the insides of living in Fort Lauderdale.

Living the life of your dream in Fort Lauderdale

Personally, I do not know many people who are ready to say NO to living so close to the beach, spending some wonderful quality time out in the wild, and having a splendid opportunity to visit Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale, the main art district located north of Las Olas Boulevard and The NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale or Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Here you will spend some precious time enjoying works of local and world renowned artists, admire maticulously made craft works and absorb pure and genuine energy coming from the stage performers. Don’t miss a chance to appreciate local food, you’ll enjoy it! 

Living in Fort Lauderdale is not only pure esthetical pleasure but also some great job opportunities. A perfect mix of high standards of life (16% higher than the country’s average) and low taxes attract all different kinds of businesses creating a wide variety of workplaces. Recent research shows a 1.9% increase in the job market. And that is only for the past year. The area has become a welcoming home for such huge businesses as AutoNation, Citrix Systems, SmartWater CSI, SFN Group, and others. 

To be honest with you, there is one sore point in living in Fort Lauderdale: being a family welcoming area it is at the same time not considered to be perfectly safe. The reason that experts are pointing out to explain these unpleasant statistics is the one that attracts all the tourists into the area - there is too much too good entertainment. 

Whatever one may say, the advantages of this wonderful place are many times greater than its disadvantages. Perfect coastline location, friendly and welcoming environment, great job opprtunitioes and constantly raising property market are some of the most attractive features of Fort Lauderdale that make it a desirable destination for people relocating to the coastal area of Miami. If you are seriously considering your relocation to this area, one of the options may be to rent a house or a condo and stay spend time exploring the place for yourself. The issue that is brought up by this suggestion is what is better to rent: a house or a condo? Let’s see what Fort Lauderdale has to offer for both options. Hopefully, this information will also help you to make up yor mind if you decide to skip the renting poing and proceed with the option of purchasing property here.

A house or a condo in Fort Lauderdale: what is a better choice?

As we have already mentioned the property market in Fort Lauderdale is constantly rising and there are several reasons for that:
First, and a very obvious reason - Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful place to live in. All those factors that we have already mentioned including a comfortable climate, both geographical and financial, attract thousands of new residents here every year. 
Second reason why the property market is growing in Fort Lauderdale is, what the experts call it Buyer Willingness. People are willing to look for and buy the property they want and don’t even negotiate the price too much. The average final price of the property sold is about 95% from the one initially asked by the owners.  
Another reason for the growing property market here is lack of inventory wich makes the offer-demand ratio on the market wider and keep the prices higher. Most of single family houses in Fort Lauderdale were built around the millennium time border. So, if you are looking for a single hose, be prepared to choose from the option available. We are not saying that this is a welcoming factor for the buyers but this is something you should be aware of while considering your property offers.

You can’t say the same about the condos in Fort Lauderdale. This sector of the property market is being constantly renewed so you won’t be limited in your choice. New condominiums are growing in different parts of the city including some areas very close to the beach. The ones that are currently in the highest demand were constricted around 2019. That is a good reason to consider purchasing or renting a Fort Lauderdale Beach condo in addition to all those advantaches mentioned.

Once you decide on your household option in Fort Lauderdale and deal with your relocation, there will be only one big thing left: explore this unique piece of Atlantic coast and discover new reasons to enjoy your life here.