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Located in the northwest part of Miami, a small town in Florida, Doral is one of the best resorts in the world, surprisingly calm and quiet.  Doral condos for sale are getting more popular because of green golf courses, luxury mansions, oceanic azure, smiles of locals and large palm trees. The city is growing very fast, taking top places in various ratings having best real estate opportunities as well. The population of the town is constantly growing because of the good conditions for small businesses. The resort is a network of winding narrow streets guarded by exotic greenery.

Condos for rent in Doral

Doral is an enlarged golf club that originated in 1962. The name of this city comes from the Doral Golf Resortand Golf Club. It was built in the 1950 by a Kaskel family. The couple bought a swampy plot for the construction of a golf course and a hotel. The abbreviation DORAL was formed due to the connection of the first syllables of names Alfred and Doris.

In 1962, both the hotel and the golf club with fields of different colors were successfully opened. The course has 90 holes, and the hotel has 700 rooms, there is also a ballroom and a conference room. The area of the resort is 39 sq. km, where golf courses, hotels and luxury infrastructure are located, characteristic of an elite—level complex. There are swimming pools with roofs, in which there is an opportunity to swim by candlelight, the usual uncoated pools, hydro massage and jacuzzi.

Here you can safely entrust yourself to local professionals who can perform various types of massage (including using heated stones), provide the best facial care and prepare baths that exude the aromas of medicinal herbs. If you take care of your health Doral condos for sale is definitely worth being in the list. People here are regular visitors of spa centres with an effective program that allows you to stay awake. It includes exercising every day and proper nutrition. At the same time, the plan is created with an individual approach, allowing anyone to trace the changes and feel real happiness.

Doral Condo Living Benefits

The city of Doral is surrounded by six parks, which are great for people of all age categories to live and relax. Doral is a perfect home for families as there are numerous basketball courts, lighted sports fields, cycling trails, courts, and running tracks. The place is pet friendly having special territories for dogs. Also in the parks there are tables for picnics, areas for playing with children.

Doral provides the widest opportunities for shopping. A major local shopping center is Miami International Mall, which houses 4 large department stores, as well as 140 smaller retail outlets. Therefore, this center is the main object for those who go shopping. Compared with, for example, Coral Gables, shopping malls in Doral have a pronounced homely look.

Doral is located in the heart of one of the country's international regions, so it is able to satisfy most appetites. Go along 87, 107 Avenue, 25 Street and Doral Boulevard, where restaurants of all cuisines of the world are waiting for you. Cuban, Brazilian, Argentine cuisine, Oriental and European restaurants — the choice is simply huge.

Layali Miami restaurant pleases with Lebanese cuisine. The waiters serve you as if you are the long-awaited and only guest of their restaurant. Great food surrounded by oriental flavors. Basilica pleases with Italian cuisine. Red lobster should be visited by seafood lovers. To taste Japanese cuisine, go to Kamiko Sushi Bar. Nahuen restaurant welcomes you with excellent coffee and fragrant pastries. People come here to taste Argentine cuisine. Those who want to combine watching sports broadcasts should go to Carolina Ale House. This is a sports bar that serves American cuisine.